Readers’ Advisory Inquiry #1

I would recommend the following titles for a middle grades book club looking to read something other than a Rebecca Caudill title:

  1. “As Brave as You” or “Ghost” both by Jason Reynolds
  2. “Wolf Hollow” by Lauren Wolk




All three of these books have been named both ALA Notable Children’s Books in 2017 and 2016 Nerdies Middle Grades Fiction winners.  In addition, each book has won at least one (if not multiple) other awards.


My thought process:

When I read this question, I first asked myself, Who do I trust completely to select high quality children’s/young adult literature?  Two names that immediately sprang to mind are the YALSA/ALA and Donalyn Miller.  I first went to the YALSA website because I couldn’t remember if they served middle grades or not.  Looking around the site, I didn’t feel like they really did.  So I Googled “ALA middle grades book awards.”  This led me to the Notable Children’s Books.  Then, I Googled “Donalyn Miller Nerdies Book Award – 2016” (because I knew 2017 wasn’t announced yet).  That led me to the site where I could pull up the Middle Grades Fiction list.  I compared the two lists against the 2018 Caudill list and chose titles that appeared on both the ALA and Nerdies lists but NOT the Caudill list.

For me, this question was very easy (a Level 1) to answer.  It took me under 15 minutes to come up with the titles.


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