Professional Journal Entry #7: VOYA

This week, I spent time reading on the VOYA site.

I started by exploring the VOYA Booklists, particularly the Perfect Tens Lists.  I was excited to learn about a lot of recent YA titles that I wasn’t familiar with – like Dan vs. Nature by Dan Calame and Stick by Michael Harmon.  I also spent time reading a couple YA Author Interviews.  I’m currently reading Genuine Fraud by e. lockhart, so I was very excited to read her interview, and John Corey Whaley is one of my favorite YA authors, so reading his interview was a real treat!  Finally, I read a couple of the YA Clicks Archives posts, including the one from February 2017 about coding.  I am excited to check out the recommended Code Maven website!

What I liked most about this resource was its focus on YA literature and librarianship.  I try to stay current on titles and trends in YA literature, but there is so much out there that I just can’t always keep up.  This website provides focused information about great books to buy as well as stellar ideas for working with teens in the library all in one place!  I found the booklists to be very helpful, although I was disappointed that the nonfiction booklist was for middle-grade readers, and there was not another list for older teens.  The author interviews were also helpful because I was not familiar with most of the names that I saw (which honestly surprised me!).  Those interviews would be a great way to become familiar with new authors because you get to know the authors as well as a little bit about their books.  I was disappointed that much of the content was not available online; it was only available through a subscription.  Or you had to wait several months for it to appear in the archives.  However, there were so many columns that I was interested in, I can definitely see myself getting a subscription to the magazine!  I can see myself referring to it regularly to information on books and teen librarianship.

From this resource, I learned that just when I think I’ve gotten a handle on the best of the current YA offerings, there are always more that I’ve never heard of!  I hadn’t heard of most of the 2016 Perfect Ten titles, but I felt confident that I would be familiar with most of the 2015 titles.  Sadly, that was not the case; there were lots and lots of titles there that I didn’t know either.  I also learned that there are a lot of YA authors out there that I’ve never heard of.  As a school librarian, I would use VOYA to help me with collection development, for professional development, and to keep me in touch with the interests and needs of the teen patrons I served.  I don’t really have any remaining questions, but I look forward to reading more of the YA Clicks archives and exploring the 2013 and 2014 Perfect Tens lists.



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